How to Reset your Time Clock MTS Password

I am beginning to think that there’s some confusion about what the File->Reset Administrator Password menu item does so it’s worth a little bit of clarification. A few months back I described how you could use this menu item to Reset Your Administrator Password.

When you Should Use the Reset Administrator Password Menu

You should only use the File->Reset Administrator Password menu when you’ve forgotten your administrator password and you need to reset it. To reset your administrator password successfully you’ll need to know the answers to the reminder questions. If you answer the questions correctly then Time Clock MTS will contact our web server to get a new password and reset the password. If you’re a registered user of Time Clock MTS then the email address you used to purchase the software will be emailed the new password. If you’re using the trial version or the free version then you’ll be told what the new password is via a popup message.
You shouldn’t use the File -> Reset Administrator Password Menu if you know your Administrator password and just want to change it.

Manually Resetting Your Administrator Password

If you know your administrator password and just want to reset it to something different then you should not use the above method. Log in as the administrator and go to the Tools->Options->System Settings page and reset the password there. You can read more about this in the System Settings Help Topic.

What to do When You’ve Forgotten Your Admin Password AND Reminder Question Answers?

In this case you’ll need to get us to reset your admin password for you. You’ll need to email us your Time Clock MTS database. We’ll reset the password for you and then email your database back, once you’ve got it back you’ll need to read the instructions here to learn what to do.

I hope that this helps to clear up any confusion!

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