Version 3.1.2 Released

I’ve just released Version 3.1.2 of Time Clock MTS in response to a couple of requests from a new user. This user has just thrown out a highly customized time clock system that was developed for their own company but because of maintenance issues and high on-going cost of ownership they have decided to use a commercial offering. There were a couple of reports that the user thought would make Time Clock MTS a lot more useful and I agreed so these reports have now been added. Here’s a list of what has changed in this new release:

  • Added the missing punches report. This report lists off all instances during the reporting period that an employee has an odd number of clock in/out events in a single day. This (as it turns out) is a fairly good indicator that an employee has forgotten to clock in or out during that day.
  • Added the employee notes report. This report lists off all clock in / out events during the reporting period that have a note and displays the note.
  • Fixed the database modification code that adds the employee tip tracking tables for MySQL users.
  • Fixed the detailed punchcard with full notes report that didn’t show the full note occasionally.
  • Fixed a problem with the main program window that could sometimes disappear when the edit times window was open.

Version 3.0.10 Released

Thanks to a pair of observant Time Clock MTS users a couple of small bugs were brought to my attention in the last few of days that have been fixed up in version 3.0.10 of Time Clock MTS which I’ve just uploaded . The first problem was with the calculation of overtime rate 2 hours (there are two daily overtime limits available in Time Clock MTS). On some occasions the OT2 hours from one employee could be carried over onto the totals for the subsequent employee. The second issue was a layout problem with the Add Multiple Times screen. The time classification and total for times 6 and 7 were swapped.

Version 3.0.9 Released

I’ve just released a new version of the software fixing up a couple of errors that a helpful user identified for me today. The first, fixes up a hard crash seen on the Time Breakdown Report and the Simple Attendance Report when the time format was set to HH:MM:SS rather than decimal hours. The second fix was to overtime calculations where the “pay day as overtime” setting was set for a weekday AND the daily overtime limit was exceeded. The final fix was to the simple time report that could display an incorrect normal hour total when the daily overtime limit was exceeded and the times for the day were classified as OTHER.

Version 3.0.8 Released

A new version of Time Clock MTS (V3.0.8) has been released today fixing up a problem with the Paid Holidays Affect OT setting that can be found on the Time Clock MTS Overtime Settings screen. The setting worked fine when it was switched on but unfortunately it didn’t turn off when the box was unchecked. For those of you that were wondering what the setting does then perhaps it is best explained by an example:

Bob Smith works 9 hours a day in the four days leading up to Christmas Day. He has a paid holiday on Christmas day and is credited with 8 hours of pay for that day. Bob’s workplace pays weekly overtime after 40 hours of work.

Scenario 1 – Paid Holidays Affect Overtime is OFF – in this case a payroll report for Bob for the week of Christmas Day will report 44 normal hours worked (no overtime). In fact for Bob to earn any overtime he’d need to work over 40 hours in just the 4 days leading up to Christmas, the credited holiday hours do not affect OT calculations at all.

Scenario 2 – Paid Holidays Affect Overtime is ON – in this case a payroll report for Bob for the week of Christmas Day will report 40 normal hours worked and 4 hours of overtime. When the setting is turned on the holiday hours are included in overtime calculations

Version 3.0.7 Released

I released a new version of Time Clock MTS today that included a fix for vacation and sick time accruals that carried the balance forward yearly AND had an accrual limit set. Basically the maximum accrual limit was being tested AFTER deductions for sick or vacation time were being applied. This meant that in some cases the available sick/vacation balance would be wrong. This has now been fixed up. Thanks must go to the Time Clock MTS user who was trying to setup a particular Yearly Vacation Accrual Scheme that highlighted this problem.

Version 3.0.6 Released

I’ve just finished uploading the first release of Time Clock MTS for the year. It includes a couple of minor fixes, tweaks to reports, and added a new report. The details of the changes are shown below.

  • Total rows have been added to the Simple Wages Report and Time Breakdown Report. This is one of the first examples of cross pollination of ideas between our Web Time Clock system, Online Time Clock MTS and the desktop program Time Clock MTS. A user of the online system suggested the change to similar reports there and I’ve made the same change to the desktop product.
  • A new report, the Detailed Punchcard with Full Notes Report has been added. This is the same as the regular Detailed Punchcard Report but shows the full text from all time notes rather than just the first 60 characters.
  • The mouse cursor now turns to an hour glass when exporting reports to MS Excel to give an indication that something is happening.
  • A fix has been put in place to stop Excel throwing an error when the new window is clicked while a report export process is underway.
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