Version 3.1.2 Released

I’ve just released Version 3.1.2 of Time Clock MTS in response to a couple of requests from a new user. This user has just thrown out a highly customized time clock system that was developed for their own company but because of maintenance issues and high on-going cost of ownership they have decided to use a commercial offering. There were a couple of reports that the user thought would make Time Clock MTS a lot more useful and I agreed so these reports have now been added. Here’s a list of what has changed in this new release:

  • Added the missing punches report. This report lists off all instances during the reporting period that an employee has an odd number of clock in/out events in a single day. This (as it turns out) is a fairly good indicator that an employee has forgotten to clock in or out during that day.
  • Added the employee notes report. This report lists off all clock in / out events during the reporting period that have a note and displays the note.
  • Fixed the database modification code that adds the employee tip tracking tables for MySQL users.
  • Fixed the detailed punchcard with full notes report that didn’t show the full note occasionally.
  • Fixed a problem with the main program window that could sometimes disappear when the edit times window was open.

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