Dedicated Time Clock MTS Time Server Now Available

Setting up the New Time Server

Setting up the New Time Server

I am pleased to announce that we’ve just spun up a dedicated internet time server for users of Time Clock MTS. Here’s the details of the time server:

Host Name:
IP Address:

You might need to use the IP address to refer to this new time server until the DNS record propagates (which it should do within 48 hours or so). To use the new dedicated time server log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator and go to the Tools->Options Security Settings Screen (see the screenshot above). Select “Custom Time Server” from the Internet Time Server dropdown and then enter either the host name or the IP Addrss for the new server. Click the Check button to make sure everything is working then click Save to save the changes.

The next release of Time Clock MTS will set this new time server as the default, and ideally this will be the end of the sporadic time server problems we’ve had over the last couple of years.

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