Time Clock MTS and WebRoot Anti Virus

An update released for the WebRoot Anti-Virus / Cyber Security software on or about the 24th or 25th of April 2017 has started identifying the main Time Clock MTS executable file as suspicious and quarantining the file. Of course our program files do not contain any sort of malicious payload and this is a false-positive on behalf of the WebRoot product. It turns out the update to the AntiVirus software has broken all sorts of Windows programs and even Windows itself. This has hit the mainstream media, see the Denver Post, The Register, and Bleeping Computer for more information.

While I am sure that the authors of WebRoot will fix up their software soon enough it’s best to add an exception to WebRoot to stop this sort of thing happening in the meantime. WebRoot includes options to ignore particular files during scans and real time shielding.

How to Exclude a File from All Scans and Shielding in WebRoot

How to Allow (Ignore) a File During Scans – Direct Link to WebRoot Website

The files you need to ALLOW for Time Clock MTS to run correctly are:

64 Bit Versions of Windows

C:\Program Files (x86)\Time Clock MTS\timeclockmts.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Time Clock MTS Client\timeclockmtsclient.exe

32 Bit Versions of Windows

C:\Program Files\Time Clock MTS\timeclockmts.exe
C:\Program Files\Time Clock MTS Client\timeclockmtsclient.exe

Fire or Emergency Evacuation Tip

Time Clock MTS has a useful feature that can be used in the event of an emergency evacuation or fire.  The time clock administrator can immediately print out an employee status report which can then be used to determine who should (or should not) be present after an evacuation. Here’s how to print the report:

The Current Status Report Menu

The Current Status Report Menu

  1. When using the Time Clock MTS Administrator Software or the Client software with the Reports User enabled go to the Reporting->Current Status Report Menu (see image above). 
  2. Printing Immediately

    Printing Immediately

  3. You’ll be asked if you want to print the report immediately (see above).  Choose the Yes option and you’ll be given the chance to select a printer (see image below) on which your report should appear shortly.
  4. Choosing a Printer

    Choosing a Printer

That’s all there is to it. You might be wondering why users need to log in before being able to print this report? The answer is that when it was available without logging in first we had many (many), oh so many reports of employees printing the report accidentally (or perhaps deliberately) in their day to day use of Time Clock MTS. Hence, it’s now only available when logged in.

This guide is just one of many you can find over at our Tips, Tricks, and How-To Guides page

How to Email Payroll Reports

Running the Employee ID Report

Running the Employee ID Report

This Time Clock MTS How-To article explains how to email payroll reports using Time Clock MTS Version 6 and later. Note that this will only work if you’re NOT using web-based email. So you’ll need to be using desktop email software like Outlook or Thunderbird or The Bat!. If you’re using web-based email like GMail or Hotmail then you’ll have to export your time clock reports to one of the many available formats and attach them to an email manually. If you’re using a desktop email program like Thunderbird that allows you to send email using a Hotmail or GMail account then YOU CAN EMAIL TIME CLOCK REPORTS using Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS can create payroll reports and attach them directly to an email in many different file formats including PDF, HTML, Rich Text (RTF), Excel (XLS and XLSX), comma separated (CSV), plain text, and various direct image formats such as bitmaps, JPEG, and PNG.

Here’s how to email a Time Clock MTS Payroll Report:

  1. Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator or as the reports user and run a payroll report. In this example we’re going to run the Employee ID Report (see image at the top of this article).
  2. The Employee ID Report

    The Employee ID Report

  3. When the report is generated it’ll be shown to you in the reporting window (see above). Look for the Email Report button on the far right of the toolbar and click it. When clicked a drop down will appear showing you the various file formats the report can be emailed in (see image below).
  4. Emailing the Report as PDF File

    Emailing the Report as PDF File

  5. Choose the format you want to email (we’re choosing PDF here) and Time Clock MTS will prompt you for a file name for the report (see image below).
  6. Choosing a File Name

    Choosing a File Name

  7. Give the report file a name, click the SAVE button and in a second or two your email client will pop up a new email message with the report file attached to it (See below).
  8. Ready to Email!

    Ready to Email!

  9. Now you’re ready to add some text to the email and send it!

Time Clock MTS and the Vinton First Aid Crew

Thanks to Chris Sayre, Assistant Chief of the Vinton First Aid Crew, located in Vinton, Virginia. Chris reached out to us asking about Time Clock MTS and was happy to share with us how they are going to use Time Clock MTS.

TimeClock MTS is replacing our outdated timeclock system. Our current timeclock system is outdated
and crashes all the time. We need a simple replacement that will allow us to track our volunteer’s time
for our rewards program. We need a system that will allow us to quickly clock in for emergency calls,
even when we are on our units. With the network version of the timeclock we can clock in and out from
our units using our wireless network.

Chris Sayre
Assistant Chief
Vinton First Aid Crew

Version 6 Upgrade Guide

This is an upgrade guide for users of older versions of Time Clock MTS wanting to upgrade to Version 6. To perform the upgrade please follow these steps:

1. Gather Required Information

Note down the following information:

  1. The current version of Time Clock MTS you’re using, that information can be found on the Help->About menu.
  2. Your current registration details. You will need your registration name, key, employees and clients. All this information can be found on the Help->Registration menu within Time Clock MTS.
  3. You will need to know where your current Time Clock MTS data file is. This location can be found on the Tools->Options->System Options menu in Time Clock MTS.

2. Backup theTime Clock MTS Data File

While Time Clock MTS is running you can backup your time clock data file using the Tools->Backup Database menu. Alternatively you can make a manual back using Windows Explorer and the location of the database you noted down in step 1. You’ll need to close down Time Clock MTS before you do a manual backup using Windows Explorer.

3. Download the Upgrade Installer

Download the Version 6 upgrade installer from here: Version 6 Upgrade Installer and save it somewhere you can find it later.

4. Install the Upgrade

Once the upgrade installer is downloaded it needs to be run. When the upgrade installation is complete choose to run Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS Version 6 Upgrade Warning

Time Clock MTS Version 6 Upgrade Warning

5. Complete the Upgrade Process

This section does not apply if you are upgrading from Version 5 of Time Clock MTS

If you are upgrading from Version 4 or earlier of Time Clock MTS then you’ll see the above warning the first time you run it after upgrading. This screen is warning you about changes that are about to be made to your time clock data. You can read more about these changes here. If you’re happy to complete the upgrade click the Upgrade Now button.

6. Get a New Version 6 Registration Key

You’ll get 30 days to trial Version 6 of Time Clock MTS after you upgrade at which time you’ll need a new registration key to continue using it. Anyone who purchased the software prior to the release of Version 6 will either get a free upgrade or access to an upgrade discount. The Version 6 Registration Key page can be used to check if you’re going to get a free upgrade or not. Your current registration key is required to be able to use that page, if you cannot find your key then contact us for help.

Once you’ve got your new registration key you’ll have to register the Time Clock MTS program on the Help->Registration details screen.

New User Question and Answer

I like to post up the longer Q&A emails I get from prospective Time Clock MTS users. Here’s a good one I got last week:

1. Can a staff member be entered into more than one department?

No, each employee can only be in one department. If you want to track the time employees spend working on different jobs then I suggest you take a look at the job tracking system. See here:

Job tracking in Time Clock MTS

2. An employee wants extra taxes taken off their pay check (dollar amount). Is this possible?

Time Clock MTS doesn’t do any tax or deduction calculations.

3. We use ADP for payroll right now. Is it possible to connect with them to export payroll?

Sure. ADP can import CSV files and Time Clock MTS can product CSV files of pretty much any format. Just take a look the export data formats help page here:

Exporting Data from Time Clock MTS

4. What details will be shown on the “excel spreadsheet”?

Any report can be exported to Excel. The data shown will depend on what report you’re running.

5. For an employees overtime and double time to calculate on the reports, their schedule will need to be entered. Is this correct?

No. There’s no scheduling system in Time Clock MTS. Overtime is set from weekly limits which are set on the Tools->Options->Overtime Settings screen.

6. Is it possible to have 2 companies set up on one system? We have a company with approx. 50 employees and one company with 3 employees.

No, it’s not possible within the same data file. However, it’s a fairly simply matter to change which data file you are connected to using the Tools->Options->System Options screen and clicking the CHANGE button.

7. Does this program keep track of (or know) when stat days are? How will staff working these days be paid 1.5?

There’s a system to put your own paid holidays into the software. Paid holidays are paid at normal rate.

8. If we are networking, will it need to be linked by cords or it it wireless?

It can be either.

9. If we are networking, will we need a drive at each station?

Sorry I am not sure that I understand that question.

10. I was reading that the price of the program is for 1 year. Is that correct? So does that mean no support after one year also?

No, the price gives you a lifetime license to use the current major release of the software (version 5) and one year of email support and access to software updates. After a year you can renew your support/updates contract for a further year but your software will keep working whether you renew or not.

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