Assigning Time Clock Employees to Departments

This Time Clock MTS How-To guide was the result of this question by a Time Clock MTS User:

I have multiple companies under the same timeclock. How do I assign employees to a specific department? Employees are always in the same department. We do not mix the 2 departments at all.

So, how do you set up departments, assign them to employees and then report on those departments? This how-to-guide covers the entire process.

Managing / Creating Departments

The Tools->Options->Departments screen can be used to create and manage any number of departments in Time Clock MTS. Add, edit, or delete departments using this screen. The Manage Departments screen can be seen below in the process of adding a new department called “Manufacturing”.

Adding a New Department

Assigning an Employee to a Department

Assign your employees to the correct department once you’ve created your company department list. This is easily accomplished by selecting the employee you want to edit and going to the Employee Maintenance->Edit Selected Employee->Employee Information screen. On this screen towards the top is a dropdown box containing each of your departments. Just select the department you want your employee to work in from this drop down and click the Save Employee button. Below you can see what this screen looks like while we’re assigning an employee to the “Accounting” department.

Assigning the Employee to the Department

Running a Payroll Report for a Department

You’re going to want to report on their activity once you’ve got employees assigned to a department and they are punching in and out of Time Clock MTS every day. This is usually done by running a payroll report from the Reporting->Payroll Reports menu. Select a department from the Department drop down box at the top left of the Report Configuration screen (see image below). Making a selection from this drop down allows you to filter any report by department.

Running a Departmental Payroll Report

Some payroll reports are specifically designed to create departmental information. These include the Departmental Wages Report and the Simple Wages (Departmental) Report.

That concludes this how-to article. It should be noted that this method will only work if your employees always work in one department. If your employees split their time between departments then you’d want to use the Time Clock MTS Job Tracking System. If, for example, you’re a restaurant and your employees split their time between front-of-house and the bar then you could create a job called “front-of-house” and one for “bar” and have your employees punch in and out each job as required. But that is really the subject of another how-to article!

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