Displaying a Single Department on the Time Clock MTS Client

This Time Clock MTS How-To guide explains how to restrict the employees displayed on the Time Clock MTS Client Software to a single department. This is useful if you do not want employees from one department seeing employees from another department when punching in and out. It’s even possible to create a department per employee and restrict display to a single employee per time clock computer. Here’s the steps to follow to restrict the employees displayed on the time clock client software to one department:

Create Departments and Assign them to Employees

To learn how to create and assign employees to departments take a look at this how to guide.

Show Department Folders

The next step is to display department folders on the time clock employee list. To learn how to do this take a look at this how to guide.

Configure the Time Clock Client Software to Display a Single Department

On the computer where you want to restrict display of employees to a single department start up the Time Clock MTS Client program. You’ll see that all employees and departments are displayed as per the image below:

All Departments Visible

To select a department to display Log in as the Administrator and go to the Tools->Options->System Options screen. Toward the bottom of the screen is a drop down labelled Only Display Employees from Dept (Local PC Only). Click that and select a department to display. See the image below for a visual explanation:

The System Options Screen

Once a department is selected click the Save button and log out of the administrator account using the File->Log Off of Administrator Account menu. The list of employees will refresh and you’ll see that only the employees from the selected department are displayed. See the image below.

Only One Department Visible

Note that the parent department on the display has Filtered next to it to remind you that you’re seeing a filtered display of employees. Note also that the filtering ONLY takes place when you’re not logged into the Administrator account.

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