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You can use Time Clock MTS as a Free Windows Punch Clock system FOREVER but you’ll be subject to certain limitations. To get started just download Time Clock MTS, install it, and you’ll be able to trial the full commercial version of the software for 30 days free of charge. The full commercial version allows you to use any computer as a time punch computer . You also have the option to use our free time punch software with one of the advanced database options. When Time Clock MTS is in the free 30 day trial period you can track time punches for up to 75 employees. If you haven’t purchased the software once the 30 day trial period is up then Time Clock MTS will change to the free employee punch clock software mode without you needing to do a thing.

Time Clock MTS is perfectly good free punch clock software that has proven to be useful for many businesses that need to track the time punches of their employees. If your business is new or is an established micro business with just a few employees then you’ll find that the free version of Time Clock MTS can still be of great benefit to you. Not only will Time Clock MTS allow you to record your employee time punches, but you’ll also be able to record and track their time off, have your employees use Time Clock MTS to request time off, and if required, they can also use it to track their tips and gratuities. One feature of our free time punch software is that it can record your employee time punches against jobs, so you can see exactly what your employees are spending time working on.

While operating in free mode Time Clock MTS is restricted with the following limitations:

  • The Time Clock MTS database can only contain 3 active employees. If you have more than this then you will not be able to do anything but disable employees.
  • You can use one PC only to install the software on. This same PC must be used to collect all employee time punches as well as configure the software and run all reports.

The free version of Time Clock MTS can be used forever given that you don’t go over the three employee limit. You don’t need to do anything to keep using Time Clock MTS in free mode either. There’s no need to register it, pay for it, or even tell us you’re using it. However, if you do find our free punch clock software useful then we’d love to hear about it. If at any time you want to track more than three employees or start using more than one computer in your office as a employee punch card computer then you can convert your free Windows Punch Clock Software to the full commercial version by just purchasing it and registering the software with the registration codes that we’ll supply.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Employee TimeClock System

Time Clock MTS

The easy to use time clock software with a fully functional 30 day trial.

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