The Difference Between Clients and Employees

A fairly common question that we get asked about our software is what is the difference between a “client” and an “employee”? It get’s asked enough that we thought it was worth writing a blog entry about it.

What’s the difference between clients and employees in Time Clock MTS?

Put simply an employee is a record in the Time Clock MTS database corresponding to a person in your organization for whom you wish to track time and attendance data. That’s someone for which you want to track time for.

On the other hand, a client is a computer on which you have installed the Time Clock MTS Client software so you can record time and attendance information using that computer for any employees in your Time Clock MTS database. You might have multiple computers in your workplace with the Time Clock MTS Client installed on it so employees can clock in and out anywhere around the office or factory. Administrators can’t use these computers to add employees, or edit times, or change their time clock settings.

The cost of Time Clock MTS is basically dependent on both the number of time clock computers that you need. If you need just one time clock computer and you’re happy to manage your software from that same computer then our most popular product is the Time Clock MTS Stand Alone Edition. It’s exactly as it sounds and uses one computer for both tracking employee time and administrative purposes. One computer will track up to 500 employees for $99 (US).

However, if you’re wanting to manage your software from a different computer than the one your employees punch in and out from then the Network Edition allows you 20 time clock (or client) computers and one administrator computer. As well as the 20 client computers you can track up to 500 employees for $199 (US).

If your business is very small and you just want to track 3 or fewer employees on a single computer then you can use Time Clock MTS for free.

As you can see there’s an edition of Time Clock MTS to suit almost any business. You should take advantage of our completely unrestricted free 30 day trial to see if it suits your business. It really is time clock software for ANY business.

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