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If you’re running a small business, you might be wondering how you can effectively manage your employees without dipping too far into business funds. As other business owners may tell you, using a time clock system greatly increases the accuracy of employee payroll, thus allowing you to manage the business in a better way. Time Clock MTS can provide a small business with free time clock software, so there’s no expense involved. This software gives you a free and easy way to track employee attendance. People often expect a cost to be attached to almost everything; however, Time Clock MTS is a quality time clock system that allows you to track and record the attendance and information of up to three employees, completely free of charge.

Apart from tracking their attendance, you can easily track sick and vacation time. When each employee has different vacation times throughout the year, it can become confusing to work out the payroll and attendance manually. This free time clock software for your business will calculate the payroll automatically, even if you are paying employees different hourly rates throughout the week.

One feature of Time Clock MTS that many people find useful is the ability to generate as many reports as you need within seconds. This enables you to see the performance of one or many of your employees over a period of time.

A reliable time clock system will encourage better productivity from your employees. This is mainly due to the fact that a time clock tool like Time Clock MTS is very accurate and records the exact times that employees clock in and out. It discourages bad habits such as buddy punching, and as a result, the workplace will seem much more fair, which will encourage other employees.

Free business time clock software like Time Clock MTS is an ideal option for small businesses with three employees or less. The software is free forever as long as you only have three employees, and you will get free updates all the time, just like those who use the full version.

Using this free business time clock software is very simple, and it will greatly improve your time and attendance tracking efficiency. When the 30-day trial is up, it will automatically switch to free mode. If you decide that you want to stop using the free mode and use the full version, all you need to do is purchase the software and install it on as many computers as necessary. Installing Time Clock MTS could be a big step forward for any small business. You can start off with the free mode and choose to upgrade whenever the business starts to thrive and hires more employees. It is very beneficial to have a time clock system that has the ability to grow along with your business.

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Time Clock MTS

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