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As businesses strive to become more organized, a time and attendance tool is one of the things that may be introduced to the employees. Time Clock MTS is now being used by over 10,000 companies of all different types. A select few of the users of the software are optical stores and other optical-related companies such as optometrists, eyecare centers and optometric clinics. In fact, 150 stores or individual practitioners now use the software to help them track employee attendance in the work place.

One of the advantages of Time Clock MTS is that it is free forever if you only have three employees or less. This makes it the ideal time clock software for optometrists or optical stores that have a limited number of employees. For example, an optometrist who has a small practice with only one or two receptionists would be able to use the software free of charge for as long as it was needed.

It’s clear to see that Time Clock MTS is useful to this industry. It just goes to show that this time clock tool can be used by any business, large or small. If you’ve been looking around for a good time clock system to use in an optical store, you may have just found the ideal software.

Time Clock MTS

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Time Clock MTS

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