Time Clock MTS at Severn Area Rescue Association

Severn Area Rescue Association

The Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) is close in-shore boat rescue and land search organization in the south west of the UK. It is run entirely on donations and they are using Time Clock MTS to track the activity of their volunteers and kindly supplied us with the information below explaining their use of the system.

We are a Lifeboat and Mountain rescue charity based in the UK, up till now we have used a signing in book then have to work out the attendance by going through the book and trying to count the times. This was very time consuming for our volunteers and sometimes we had problems trying to read the names.
Now we can just run a report of who and when our volunteers clocked in. We do not use the overtime and wages facilities due to being all volunteers, but this great bit of software has helped us cut our volunteers hours for admin.

Easy to set up and use by our volunteers. Easy to run reports saving us many hours of admin time.

For us it would be good if we could disable some of the facilities we don’t use. Otherwise none.
A mobile app for Iphone and android phones would be good so out volunteers can log admin / fundraising hours when not at the Lifeboat station.

Great easy to use software with great support. Helping us to cut our volunteers admin times enabling them to concentrate on saving lives and training. We recommend this software to any charity or business looking for a clocking in system.

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