Version 3.3.8 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 3.3.8 has just been uploaded. This new version of our job tracking software contains a number of enhancements, a few bug fixes and a new report. Here’s a detailed list of the changes.

  • While logged in as the administrator when using the Time Clock MTS administrator software you can now double click on an employee name and choose to either edit the employee or the employee’s times.
  • Times on the edit time screen can now be sorted by date/time by clicking on either the date or time column headers.
  • A Cancel button has been added to the Enter Note screen. Allows the clock in/out to be cancelled at the enter note stage.
  • Added the Long Punch Report.
  • Better messages are now displayed if an employee has compulsory job tracking turned on and is trying to clock in with no jobs defined.
  • Changed the default payroll report for new users to the Punchcard Report.
  • Fixed a layout problem on the Time Breakdown Report
  • Fixed a logic error when using the keypad interface with employees who had the Employee PIN option active and compulsory job tracking active.

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