Version 2.5.10 Released

I released a new version of Time Clock MTS yesterday containing a bug fix and adding a new feature requested by one of our users. The detailed punchcard report was broken in version 2.5.9, by of all things, me fixing up a spelling error! This has now been sorted properly.

The new feature added allows you to use the keyboard shortcuts ALT-I and ALT-O to clock in and out from the employee list interface. ALT-I will clock you in and ALT-O will clock out. If you’re already clocked in then ALT-I will not do anything, and similarly with ALT-O if you’re already clocked out. These changes were requested by a visually impaired user who was trying to use the software with the JAWS screen reading software. The trouble is that the Clock In and Clock Out buttons on the Employee Interface screen cannot be accessed by using your TAB key. These new keyboard short-cuts ensure that the software will function happily for those using screen reading software.

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