Version 2.1.6 Released

A minor release today fixing up a few problems and improving the way that paid holidays function.

  • Payroll report total hours are now calculated from rounded daily values rather than raw daily values. This fixes up some rounding errors that could lead to the weekly total being slightly different to the amount if you totaled up the daily amounts. The difference was small (usually only 0.01 of an hour).
  • A ‘last week’ time selection has been added to the Edit Times period drop down.
  • The punchcard report now shows time notes. If the clock in time has a note, that will be shown, if there is no clock in time note and there is a clock out time note, that will be shown.
  • Holidays can now be set to a specific date in a given year or can be set as recurring. Recurring holidays are those that occur on the same date every year (such as Christmas), non recurring holidays would happen on a different date every year (such as Thanksgiving or Labor Day).
  • The holidays list displays some extra info, such as whether the holiday is recurring and what year it is set for.
  • The holidays add/edit screen will now display non latin characters (such as cyrillic or Japanese) properly.

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