Version 2.0.2 Released

I’ve just released Version 2.0.2 which contains a number of fixes to problems introduced by the last release plus adds one major new feature. Changes made include:

  • A new security feature which allows you to use a camera attached to any Time Clock MTS computer to capture an image when users clock in or clock out. Administrators can then view the captured image associated with a clock in or out and verify that the correct person performed the action. This should allow you to stop buddy punching.
  • A fix to the Version 2 database updates for SQL Server and MySQL that didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix to the last action display text to allow non English characters to be displayed.

There were a number of other minor fixes, for more information take a look at the Release Notes page. In the next day or two I’ll write a longer post covering the new image capturing feature of Time Clock MTS, what it does, how it works, and how you might use it.

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