Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.6 Released

I’ve spent the last few days working on a minor release of Time Clock MTS that was uploaded this afternoon. Version 5.0.6 includes the following changes:

  • Replacement of the temporary registration key system with a 7 day trial extension. Users who have purchased the software when the trial has expired can now extend the trial for a further 7 days while they wait for their permanent registration keys (which are usually sent within 24 hours of purchase). Simplifies the process considerably and will lead to fewer users having their hands tied because they couldn’t work out the temporary keys they were emailed.
  • The seven day trial extension can be accessed via a popup message on the day the initial 30 day trial period expires and also via the File menu. Once the extension has been used there is no way to extend beyond that point and the software will then operate in free mode (3 employee maximum on a single computer).
  • Fixed some typos on the program splash screen.
  • Reworded much of the registration information throughout the program for better consistency and easier comprehension.

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Time Clock MTS

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