Forcing Database Updates

This How-To Article explains how the time clock administrator can force Time Clock MTS to run the database update routine against the time clock data file. Typically Time Clock MTS performs this routine when you install a new version of the software.  This should happen automatically but under certain circumstances it can be useful to force the process. To force Time Clock MTS to run the database update routine follow the steps below:


    1. This process can only be performed using the Time Clock MTS Stand Alone Edition or the Time Clock MTS Administrator software (if you're using the Network or Network PLUS Editions).  It also cannot be used in versions of the software prior to Version 6.1.1.
    2. Once Time Clock MTS is running Log in as the Administrator.
    3. Hold down the ALT and the U key on your keyboard. You'll then be shown the screen below:
    4. Forcing Time Clock Database Updates

        Forcing Time Clock Database Updates

    5. Click the OK button and Time Clock MTS will then perform the required updates.

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