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Dusty’s Auto Electrical and Mechanical and Time Clock MTS

The following was emailed to us by Dusty Straub, owner of Dusty’s Auto Electrical and Mechanical, based in Roma, Queensland. We specialize in Auto Electrical and Mechanical repairs to mainly heavy vehicles. We are a small shop operating for 3 years now, we have 2 full time employees plus myself. We have started using TimeClockMTS to record the hours worked on jobs for the shop. It’s a perfect solution, as it allows us to centralize and secure the data collected on an in-house server we run. We have a record of the hours logged to any job and we can “prove” to our customers we have worked those hours on the job. Its more accurate than employees guessing times, as in the past we lost a lot of time with our employees going from job to job and not writing it down. We also have contract staff come in from time to time and they are able to clock in and record their time on-site. They can print off a time attendance sheet which becomes the basis for their invoice based on the time they were here. This avoids any discrepancies with times. As a small business located in Western Queensland, we find Internet services are not always reliable. Hence my reluctance to use cloud based solutions. TimeClockMTS offers us a choice to own our software so to speak and avoid paying ongoing fees for fragmented cloud services. The server provides other services such as mail and intranet for our business. We run MySQL as our backend database for everything. It is easy to manage and backup, so when... read more

Time Clock MTS Versions 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 Released

It’s been a rough few weeks here for us due to a number of technical issues. The complete failure of our Windows 7 build machine kicked it all off. We decided to move to Windows 10 for our build process and that took a bit longer than expected. Throw in some issues that Windows 10 caused, a fairly significant problem with the installer for Time Clock MTS version 6.1.1 that raised issues with a number of users, a false positive virus scan on the program installation file, an obscure Windows XP bug, and dealing with time clock computers with broken Windows Fonts and you’ve got a set of circumstances that have tried us. Never the less, we’re sure we’ve seen all of that off and as a result we’ve come out the other side with a better, more reliable product. Two releases have happened in the last two weeks, versions 6.1.2 and 6.1.3. The changes should be invisible for most people, but I’ll detail them anyway. Windows Font Issues There were at least two users who (somehow) didn’t have the regular version of the Times New Roman font installed on their computer. The reporting system of Time Clock MTS is dependent on this being present, and given that it’s a default Windows font you can (usually) rely on it being present. The software was failing silently if the font was missing. This error is now caught and presented to the user. Fixing the missing font is as simple as finding the valid times.ttf file on another computer, copying it to the broken computer, and installing it. Client First Run... read more

Time Clock MTS Quick Test

Below are some instructions showing how to give Time Clock MTS a quick test. If the software fails at any time during the test please email any error messages to support@timeclockmts.com. Screenshots of any failures would be handy too. If you’ve got any general comments such as if the software is horrifically slow please let me know what they are, 1) Download Time Clock MTS from this link 2) Install the downloaded file. Read these instructions if you’re not sure how to install the downloaded file. 3) Run the software, the first screen you’ll see is the initial setup screen for Time Clock MTS (see below). Enter a password you’ll remember into the Administrator Password and Please Retype text boxes and then click SAVE. Ignore any warnings. 4) You’ll then be shown the Welcome to Time Clock MTS screen (see below). Click the Create Sample Employees button. Once you’ve done that click the I’m Ready Let’s Go! button. 5) Log into Time Clock MTS by clicking the File menu at the top left of the application window and then clicking the Log in as Administrator menu item. You then be shown the screen below where you can enter your password that you entered in Step 3 above. Click the Login button when you’ve entered your password. 6) Once you’re logged in you’ll asked if you want to check for a new version. Click the NO button. 7) Click the Reporting menu and then the Employee ID Report option. 8) After a second or two you should see a screen that looks something like that below. If you do see... read more

Hiding Deactivated Employees

Deactivating employees in Time Clock MTS is a great way of preventing people from punching in and out or to temporarily mark an employee account as inactive. That can be useful if your workforce has a seasonal element and you do not want seasonal workers filling up your employee list when they are not actually working. Deactivated employees are hidden by default on the normal employee list to prevent access to those employees, but those same employees are visible when you’re logged in as the time clock administrator. However, there is a way of hiding them, this how-to-article explains that process. You’ll need to be signed in as the Time Clock administrator to perform these actions. Firstly, we’ll mark an employee as deactivated using the Employee Information screen (see above). Just check the Deactivated checkbox and then click the Save Employee button. Now if you look at the Employee List you’ll see that the icon next to the employee has changed to gray indicating they are marked as deactivated. If you head over to the Tools->Edit Time screen you’ll also note that the deactivated employee is also visible here. So let’s hide the deactivated employee. Go back to the Employee List and click your right mouse button on the employee list and you’ll be shown the above popup menu. Choose the Hide Deactivated Employees. And…… Presto chango! The deactivated employee is now hidden. Let’s take a look at the Edit Times screen again. Note that they are hidden there too. And that’s all there is to it! If you want to show the hidden deactivated employees again right click... read more

Punching a Group of Employees In or Out

This Time Clock MTS How To Article covers how the Time Clock Administrator can quickly and easily select a group of employees and punch them in or out. This is of most use if a group of employees with the same start time or end time forget to punch in or out of Time Clock MTS when they start or stop work for the day. To select a group of employees to punch in or out of Time Clock MTS follow the steps below. Firstly, you must log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator, this How To Article explains how to log in as the time clock administrator. Go to the Tools->Edit Times screen and you’ll be shown the screen above. Click the Punch In / Out button and you’ll be shown the drop-down menu below. The options are fairly self explanatory. The Selected Employee options affect only the employee you have selected on the Edit Times employee list. The Checked Employees options affect only the employees that have the checkbox next to their names ticked. Obviously, the ALL options affect all employees in the list. Choose the required option to affect the group of employees you need and you’ll be shown the screen below to set a Punch In or Punch Out time. Confirm that you want to Punch In / Out the selected group of employees. The required action will now be performed on the group of employees you’ve selected. It’s important to note that employees that are currently Punched In cannot be punched in again and vice versa. Those employees will remain unaffected by the... read more

How to Punch In All Employees

This Time Clock MTS How To Article covers how the Time Clock Administrator can punch in all employees that are currently clocked out quickly and easily. This can be useful if a number of employees have forgotten to punch in when they arrived at work. To punch in all employees that are currently punched out just follow the steps below. Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator. Read this this How To Article to learn how to log in as the time clock administrator. Go to the Tools->Edit Times screen and you’ll be shown the screen above. Click the Punch In / Out button and choose the Punch In All Employees option from the menu that pops up. When Punching In a group of employees from the Edit Times screen you’ll be given a chance to set a Punch In time using the screen below. Confirm that you want to Punch In all employees in the confirmation window that is then shown. All employees that are currently Punched Out will be Punched In to Time Clock MTS using the time you set. If this article isn’t what you were looking for you might find the How to Punch Out All Employees article or how to Punch a Group of Employees In or Out article... read more