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Problems with Maryland NTP Servers

We have been seeing problems with time synching to the Maryland NTP time servers in the last few days. If you’re seeing problems with this then please our dedicated time server. You can choose the time servers on the Tools->Options->Security page. If you need help choosing our dedicated time server you should take a look... read more

Version 1.7.2 Released

A couple of bugs fixed and some new features added today. A setting has been added to allow Time Clock MTS to check for a newer version on software start up. This setting is off by default but can be turned on via the Tools->Options->Interface Settings page. Note that you’ll still need to update the software via the Tools->Check for Updates menu. When manually checking for updates and an update is available you’ll now be able to view the release notes for the new version. In fact you’ll be able to view the release notes for every version between the one you are currently running and the latest that is available from us. When Excel is not installed and you try to export a report to Excel the software explains that you need Excel to be installed. Formerly it gave a less than explanatory error message. Fix to both vacation accruals and sick time accruals. When the delay for an employee to start accruing set to accrue into the future the software calculated accrued sick time / vacation time incorrectly. This is now... read more

Version 1.7.1 Released

Three new features added to the version released today. A new setting has been added to allow all reports to display time activity in hours:minutes:seconds format as well as the old decimal hours format. You can turn this new method of report output on via the Tools->Options->Display Settings->Display Times As screen. A new setting has been added to vacation and sick time accruals. This new setting allows you to use the anniversary of an employee’s hire date to reset the vacation or sick time accrual instead of the fiscal year. You can turn this new method of accrual calculation on via the Tools->Options->Sick Time/Vacation Accrual->Use Hire Date not Fiscal Year page. A check has been put in place to prevent a second instance of either the Administrator or Client software from running on the same... read more

Administrator Passwords

Time Clock MTS has three levels of user access. That of the normal user or employee who just needs to clock in or out, the reports user, and that of the Administrator who needs to configure Time Clock MTS and run reports. To use Time Clock MTS as the adminstrator you need to log in as the Administrator using a password. How Is the Administrator Password Set? The administrator password is set by you when you first install and run the Time Clock MTS Administration program . The screenshot below shows where you enter the administrator password. How do I log in as the Administrator? By simply using the File->Log in as Administrator menu. Can I Change the Administrator Password? Yes you can change the administrator password any time you like. All you need to do is run the Time Clock MTS Administration program and log in as the administrator. Then go to the Tools->Options->System Options screen. For more help on this try taking a look at the System Options Help Topic. I’ve Forgotten the Administrator Password What Do I Do? If you know your password reminder question answers then you can simply reset the administrator password. If you have forgotten everything then you’ll need to send us your Time Clock MTS database so we can reset it for... read more

Version 1.7.0 Released

A new version was released today containing three bug fixes. The new NTP time code had a small bug in it where in some instances the time queried from the NTP server was not read properly and the old time was used instead leading to timing errors. Another fix was put in for the Error 6 : Overflow that some people had seen when their systems were running for a very long time. I suspect this is a limitation with a timer in MS Windows that takes effect after your system has been running for more than 47 days. Time Clock MTS determines your currency symbol ($ for example) and decimal symbol (. or ,) from some internal MS Windows settings. In some cases (for some reasons I’ve not been able to determine) these settings are not able to be read. This caused an error when saving Time Clock MTS settings. This has now been fixed... read more

Version 1.6.8 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 1.6.8 was released yesterday containing a few fixes and some performance updates. The software now functions correctly with limited user accounts on Windows XP and Windows Vista. This was possible before but some directory permissions had to be set manually, the software installer now does this automatically. The Client software would not register itself properly when the trial period had expired. Again this could be worked around with some effort but now should just happen automatically. The method used to access internet time servers has changed. Some people were reporting that Time Clock MTS wouldn’t connect to the servers properly so the changes were made in and attempt to fix this up. I should emphasize that for the best level of security for your Time Clock Software that you should use the Internet Time Server option for determining clock in and out times. Some users were experiencing a slowdown when the employee list had more than 50 employees in it. Some time was spent speeding this up, you should see about a 30% speed increase (this same speed increase will be seen in other areas of the software that display the full employee... read more
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