Version 1.7.2 Released

A couple of bugs fixed and some new features added today.

  • A setting has been added to allow Time Clock MTS to check for a newer version on software start up. This setting is off by default but can be turned on via the Tools->Options->Interface Settings page. Note that you’ll still need to update the software via the Tools->Check for Updates menu.
  • When manually checking for updates and an update is available you’ll now be able to view the release notes for the new version. In fact you’ll be able to view the release notes for every version between the one you are currently running and the latest that is available from us.
  • When Excel is not installed and you try to export a report to Excel the software explains that you need Excel to be installed. Formerly it gave a less than explanatory error message.
  • Fix to both vacation accruals and sick time accruals. When the delay for an employee to start accruing set to accrue into the future the software calculated accrued sick time / vacation time incorrectly. This is now fixed.

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