Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 2 was released today. It contains a number of new features to significantly improve the ease of use of the software. These include a quick find box and an at a glance summary of employee attendance on the Employee List Interface. The reporting system has had a complete overhaul. You are now able to configure the format of all reports to your liking, and can choose what information you do and dont want to include in each one. There’s a number of other usability and speed improvements in the software, a completely re-vamped help file, and several bug fixes. For a complete list of changes in the new version take a look at the the release notes and be sure to read the Time Clock MTS Weblog for a detailed explanation of the key new features.

New Users – Getting Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1

If you’re new to Time Clock MTS you dont need to do anything special to get it. Just download it and install it.

Existing Users – Upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1

Time Clock MTS is a free upgrade to existing Time Clock MTS users if they have a valid support contract. Users with valid support contracts are:

  • Those who purchased Time Clock MTS or an upgrade to Time Clock MTS after June 1 2007
  • Those who purchased Time Clock MTS or an upgrade before June 1 2007 and chose to renew their support contract in response to the reminder emails we have been sending out over the last several months.

If you are eligible for a free upgrade then you can just download the Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1 update and install it. Once you run the software you’ll be given the chance to obtain a new license key from within the software itself, or you can do it manually by taking a look at this page.

If you are not eligible for a free upgrade then you can still try out Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1 for 14 days. If you decide it’s worth the upgrade then you can purchase an upgrade at 50% off of the normal price. Just downgrade to Version 1.7.4.

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