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Creating Employees the Easy Way

One change to Time Clock MTS is simply a new item added to the Employee Maintenance menu. This deceptively simple menu item Copy Selected Employee fixes up one of the most common complaints I had about Time Clock MTS. Usually the complaint went something like this: “How can I add employees to Time Clock MTS without having to type in all the details for every single one?” Well, prior to Version 2, the answer to this question was you just can’t add a number of employees quickly and easily. Right though, with the addition of the menu item above the job of adding many employees to Time Clock MTS has suddenly become a lot easier. Here’s how to quickly add an employee using another employee record as a template: Add the employee you want to use as a template, give them all the settings you require including payroll, assigning to a department, a shift, and whatever else you need. For the sake of this example we’ll call this employee ‘John Smith’. Select the employee ‘John Smith’ in the employee list and then select the Employee Maintenance->Copy Selected Employee menu item. The employee maintenance screen will now been displayed with all the details already filled in, the name of the employee will be set to ‘Copy of John Smith’. All you need to do now is edit the details you want to change for this employee (such as the name, address, and PIN) and in just a few seconds you’ve created a new fully configured employee. That’s it, there’s nothing else to it. Remember, when you do need to add... read more

The Simple Wages Report

The Simple Wages Report is a new addition to Version 2 of Time Clock MTS. Available from the report configuration screen gives a simple summary of activity across a time period. The summary is a simple line per employee. You can see at a glance the hours worked for the week, the hours of daily overtime, and the hours of weekly overtime. Total salary payable is also displayed. This report is useful for supply to payroll departments for entry into payroll software, or even as a simple management report that gives key information without too much... read more

Find Employees Easily on the Employee List Interface

The employee list interface of Time Clock MTS is simple and easy to use when you have a mouse and keyboard available. However, when the list of employees becomes long it can be a chore to sort through it to find a name to be able to clock in or out. Time Clock MTS Version 2.0.1 introduces a new feature to allow you to easily find a name on the list with just a few keystrokes. At the bottom of the employee list you can see a light blue colored text box, in its default state this box says <Search for an Employee>. If you type some letters in this box Time Clock MTS will find the first employee in the list whose name starts with those letters, the more letters you type the more refined the search will be. For example, in the screenshot above lets say you type a ‘M’ into the box, Time Clock MTS will find the first person whose name starts with ‘M’ and select them (in this case McHugh, Lisa). If you then type an ” it will select the first person whose name starts with ‘Mi’ (Minh, Melissa). If you want to find someone in the list whose name includes (rather than starts with) some text then start the search box with an asterisk (*) and then type the text you want to search for. For example, if you wanted to find someone named “Lisa” in the employee list shown above you’d type “*Lisa” into the search box. So, if you have a long employee list, and need to find your own... read more

Excluding Times from Overtime Calculations

Time Clock MTS Versions 2.0.1 and higher feature a new setting to allow you to exclude a time pair from any overtime calculations. You can do this via the Tools->Edit Times menu. Just select the time pair you want to exclude from overtime calculations and click the Edit Time button and you’ll be shown the Edit Time screen. To exclude a time from overtime calculations all you need to do is select the ‘Ignore for Overtime’ option for the time, and click the Save Time button to save the change. For overtime purposes this time will now be ignored for all overtime calculations regardless of other overtime settings. Let’s examine how this would work with some examples. Example 1 Daily overtime set at 8 hours, weekly overtime limit set at 40 hours. Employee works a 5 day week of 10 hrs, 8 hrs, 8hrs, 8 hrs, and 8 hrs for a total of 42 hrs. The Time Clock MTS Administrator has flagged two hours of day one as ‘Ignore for Overtime’ because the employee was underpaid by two hours last week. Time Clock MTS will report this week as 42 normal hours only. Example 2 Daily overtime set at 8 hours, weekly overtime limit set at 40 hours. Employee works a 5 day week of 8 hrs, 9 hrs, 9hrs, 8 hrs, and 8 hrs for a total of 42 hrs. The Time Clock MTS Administrator has flagged four hours of day 5 as ‘Ignore for Overtime’ because the employee went home sick during the day, the administrator wants the employee to be paid for these hours but not... read more

Version 2.0.1 Released

Well Version 2.0.1 is out. I wont talk about it too much here right now. You can read about it on the Official Time Clock MTS Version 2 Release Page or take a look at the Release Notes. Over the course of the next week or so I’ll cover one of the features of the new release in detail here each day, hopefully along with some explanatory screen shots. A Note to Existing Time Clock MTS Users If you’re an existing Time Clock MTS user the software will not update itself to Version 2. Because a new registration key is required and not everyone is eligible for a free registration key I decided to make it a manual process. If you want to upgrade to Version 2 you’ll need to download the admin program update installer and the client program update installer. Once you’ve downloaded these just run them on your installations of Time Clock MTS and it will update to Version 2. Getting Version 2 Registration Keys You can retrieve your own registration key for Version 2 of the software. You’ll need to know your Version 1 registration key to get it. Don’t worry too much if you cant pull your own registration key from our website, the database has a couple of holes in it that I am trying to fix up. Just send me an email with your current license details and if you’re eligible I’ll send you your Version 2 registration key... read more

Version 1.7.4 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 1.7.4 has been released. It has been released in update form only rather than as a full install. This is the last release of version 1 of Time Clock MTS. The only change to the software is a message informing users that it is the last release of Version 1 of the software and to upgrade to Version 2 you’ll need to visit our... read more
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