Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.3 Released

Just a short entry to note the release of Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.2 (yesterday) and Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.3 today. Version 5.0.2 added a check to stop users setting the employee badge number to “0” or “000” or any repeating number of zeros. It also fixed up an issue some users were seeing with deleted emails still displaying on some lists. And finally it addressed a mysterious bug one user was having with adding new employees. I am baffled as to what was causing this as simply rebuilding the software for him seemed to fix up the issue without any actual code changes being made.

Version 5.0.3 was released today, It included one enhancement which now allows emails to be added directly from the Add/Edit Email Alert Screen. This version also escaped XML excluded characters from email alerts which was stopping some email alerts from being sent correctly. And the final change was a fix to all reports where time off (vacation or sick time) was taken on the last day of the report period. This could result in the balance of available vacation / sick time to be incorrect.

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