We’ve Just Released Time Clock MTS Version 4.0.1

I’m happy to say that Time Clock MTS Version 4.0.1 has been released today. This is the first major version update we’ve had since October 2010. That might sound like we’ve been sitting idle for a while but there’s been 40 minor releases during that two year period, an average of one release every 2.5 weeks. There’s been a lot of changes to our employee time clock software, with 50 separate items listed in the Release Notes.

Rather than talk about all of the changes in one blog entry I thought I’d cover them in several entries. This first entry will discuss the major new features, the second will cover the minor tweaks and improvements, and the final will cover the bug fixes. If you can’t wait then take a look at the Release Notes for a full list of the changes.

Key New Features

  • Employee Time Off Requests – employees can now request time off. These requests can be approved and denied by the time clock administrator. When approved Time Clock MTS can automatically create the clock in / out pairs for the time off period. Employees can only make time off requests when using the Employee List Interface. For more information see the Time Off Requests help topic.
  • Importing and Exporting Employees – the time clock administrator can now import employee data from an Excel spreadsheet. This is a very fast way of building your employee database. Employee data can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for use in other systems or to be used as a template for importing new employees. For more information see the Importing Employees and Exporting Employees help topics.
  • Wildcard Employee Searches – the employee search box at the bottom of the Employee List Interface can now include a wildcard character to find employees by part of their name. For example, to find the first employee who has “smith” somewhere in their name type *smith in the search box.
  • Restore Deleted Jobs – deleted jobs can now be restored. This is useful if you want to re-use a job code or need to report on the data for a job. For more information see the Job tracking help topic.
  • Adding Times for Clocked In Users – for the first time Time Clock MTS now allows you to add future times for clocked in employees. The one proviso is that the times being added do not fall within 24 hours of the employee’s current clock in time. For more information see the Editing and Managing Employee Times help topic.
  • Help File Revisions – we’ve had a third party completely proof read, correct, and where necessary re-write the Time Clock MTS documentation. They also suggested a different approach to our documentation which we’ve taken on-board and started implementing with the documentation for the new features. As the next few months go by we’ll re-write the existing sections of the documentation to match this new style. You can view the Time Clock MTS help files from the Help menu from within the software or View it Online.
  • Other Changes – other new features include (and are not limited to) a setting to stop department folders being closed, a setting for a background color for employees on the employee list, an employee “do not pay overtime” setting, and some settings to hide previous employee actions on the Employee List screen.

As I’ve said previously consult the Release Notes if you want more information.

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