Time Clock MTS Version 4.0.1 Released – Part 2

This second blog entry about the release of Time Clock MTS Version 4 will cover the minor tweaks and improvements that we included in the timeclock software. In most cases you probably won’t notice a lot of these changes but it’s worth listing them off anyway.

  • The Display Settings screen has been re-laid out.
  • The Interface Settings screen has been re-designed and laid out differently.
  • The control used for several different lists in the software has been changed to a new one. Should help improve the memory usage and performance of the software.
  • The sort order of times on the Edit Times screen is now remembered.
  • The Edit Times screen now displays the weekday name alongside of times.
  • The Help menu now includes a link to take users directly to our Contact Us page.
  • Some changes made to the Internet time servers, including getting rid of a couple of dead servers and replacing them with servers that work. When checking a custom time server on the Security Options screen a more sensible error is now displayed when no actual server details are entered.
  • A few reports have been re-named for reasons of consistency. This includes changing the the Employee Notes report to the Employee Comments Report and the Detailed Punchcard Report with Full Notes to the Detailed Punchcard Report with Full Comments.
  • The Time Log screen has been renamed to the Time Audit Log screen, as have all associated settings and help files.
  • Various parts of the program code have had extra debugging added to them or have been optimized heavily to reduce database load and program speed. The primary areas of improvement were time validity checking and the license registration system.
  • The Registration Key structure has been changed. Keys from earlier versions will no longer work in Version 4. Those eligible will receive a free upgrade to the new version.
  • The Registration screen has been improved with the addition of better labels, better popup tool tips, and better data-typing.
  • Cleaned up the first run experience for users. This includes better management of what windows they’ll see and allowing them to configure a few basic program settings (such as overtime and employee PIN entry) when they first run Time Clock MTS.
  • The Log File now has a limit of 5000 entries,

I’ll post up the final entry covering the latest release of Time Clock MTS shortly. This will cover the bug fixes included in the new version.

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