Time Clock MTS Version 4.0.1 – Part 3

This is the final entry about the release of version 4 of our Time Clock Software. This entry will cover the bugs that were found and squashed for this release.

  • Employees no longer receive credit for public holidays before their hire date. Problem only happened if a report was run for a period before the employee hire date.
  • The Edit Employee / Edit Times double click popup window now only pops up when the administrator is logged into the admin software. Would popup in the client software and not take the administrator anywhere.
  • The Time Clock MTS window can now (finally) be re-sized properly.
  • Fixed a situation where the Time Clock MTS process could still be running even though the program had been exited.
  • When the number of employee licenses is exceeded the software now takes users to the correct URL to buy an employee database expansion.
  • Fixed a fairly obscure error in overtime calculations where the OT2 rate was not applied correctly when an employee exceeded the weekly overtime limit on the seventh day of a week.
  • Fixed some problems with various numeric fields on the Employee Maintenance screen .
  • Ran and tested the software at a Windows DPI setting of 125% and fixed up several labels and captions that were not displaying correctly. The background images on the Splash screen and Help->About Time Clock MTS screen now display correctly at 125% DPI.
  • The employee comment box no longer insists on an employee comment when employee comments are optional.
  • Fixed up connection time calculation problems on the Tools->Manage Connections screen.
  • Fixed up an issue with the First Run screen not functioning correctly after a user had viewed the in-program tutorial.
  • Fixed a problem with the Insert Missing Punch screen. The screen threw an error if the job associated with the inserted time had been deleted.
  • Fixed a problem with the Edit Time screen. The screen displayed the wrong job if the job associated with the time originally had been deleted.
  • Fixed a problem with time validation when using the SQL Server backend.

That concludes the entries about the release of Time Clock MTS Version 4. In the coming days and weeks we’ll be posting up a series of Time Clock MTS How To articles covering (funnily enough) how to do things with the new features of the software. Stay tuned.

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