Creating Employees the Easy Way

One change to Time Clock MTS is simply a new item added to the Employee Maintenance menu. This deceptively simple menu item Copy Selected Employee fixes up one of the most common complaints I had about Time Clock MTS. Usually the complaint went something like this:

“How can I add employees to Time Clock MTS without having to type in all the details for every single one?”

Well, prior to Version 2, the answer to this question was you just can’t add a number of employees quickly and easily. Right though, with the addition of the menu item above the job of adding many employees to Time Clock MTS has suddenly become a lot easier.

Here’s how to quickly add an employee using another employee record as a template:

  1. Add the employee you want to use as a template, give them all the settings you require including payroll, assigning to a department, a shift, and whatever else you need. For the sake of this example we’ll call this employee ‘John Smith’.
  2. Select the employee ‘John Smith’ in the employee list and then select the Employee Maintenance->Copy Selected Employee menu item.
  3. The employee maintenance screen will now been displayed with all the details already filled in, the name of the employee will be set to ‘Copy of John Smith’. All you need to do now is edit the details you want to change for this employee (such as the name, address, and PIN) and in just a few seconds you’ve created a new fully configured employee.

That’s it, there’s nothing else to it. Remember, when you do need to add an employee, and you want the employees record to be based on some existing employee you’ve already set up, then make use of the new Copy Selected Employee menu item!

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