Job Tracking Reports

I got an email today from a user interested in the job tracking features of Time Clock MTS who wanted to know what job based reports were available within the software. Right now there’s a few reports that are job specific.

1. The Job Punchcard Report – this report is basically a copy of the Punchcard Report with a couple of extra columns showing the job name and number that each clock in/out pair is associated with. If a time wasn’t associated with a job then no job code is shown. This report is useful to examine the activity of employees on jobs on an employee by employee basis.

2. The Job Time Report – this report totals time employees worked on each job across the report time period. This report is useful to examine the time spent on each job on a job by job basis.

3. The Active Job Report – this report prints out a list of all active jobs along with their job codes. This report would be useful to print out and pin up next to your time clock stations so that your employees know what job codes to enter into Time Clock MTS when they need to track a job.

It’s worth noting that Job Punchcard Report and the Job Time Report can be run for just a single job by selecting a job name/code from the Choose a Job dropdown on the Report Configuration screen. This enables you to see the activity on a single job over the report period very quickly and easily.

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