Version 3.3.1 Released

There’s been some usability enhancements made to version 3.3.1 of our time card software as well as some small tweaks and a change to sick and vacation time accruals. The details of the changes made to this new version are shown below.

  • The job selection screen now remembers the last window size when it is re-loaded.
  • You can now sort the columns on the job selection screen by clicking on the column headers.
  • Fixed up some minor layout issues on the vacation and sick time accrual screens.
  • Added the “Apply Starting Balance Annually” setting to both sick time and vacation accruals. When checked this will start each years available sick or vacation time with the “Starts With” balance for the accrual schema. Note that this setting will only take effect if the “Carry Balance Forward Yearly” setting is not checked. Note also that the date the balance is applied depends on your “Use Hire Date Not Fiscal Year” setting.

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