Version 2.1.2 Released

A minor release today fixing up some problems that were introduced recently by the new setting that allows you set the time of day that your work week starts. Changes made include:

  • Fix to the last 7 days selection and the month to date selection on the Edit Times screen. This was broken by the new setting described above.
  • Fix to the last month selection on the Edit Times screen. I am not sure this ever worked *oops*.
  • Fixed up an issue with the last action text alignment when using the keypad interface.
  • Change the way the display last action works when clocking in or out. There were some cases where the incorrect action could be displayed, the new method has eliminated this problem and will result in faster operation and less database access.

Version 2.1.1 Released

A new release of Time Clock MTS today including some new features requested by one of our users. Features added to this new version include:

  • The employee list interface can now be completely customized to your local requirements via the Tools->Options->Interface Settings page. The customization will allow you to use non Latin character sets (such as Cyrillic, Korean, Japanese etc).
  • The last employee note is now displayed along with the last action action details for the selected employee.
  • If you happen to run the Time Clock MTS Client and Administrator program on the same computer you’ll find that the saved window positions are now separate for each program.
  • The main Time Clock MTS Window can now be re-sized when you’re using the employee list interface. This will allow you to fill your entire monitor with the Time Clock MTS application.

I’ll cover the customization of the employee list interface in more detail in a subsequent post.

Version 2.1.0 Released

Some new features were added and minor bug fixes addressed in Version 2.1.0 of Time Clock MTS as released today. Changes made include:

  • Users can now set a first day of week start time. So for whatever reason, you can have your work week (and all calculations) start at 9:00AM on Mondays if you require.
  • You can now set any day of the week to be paid as overtime, so for example Sundays could be set to be paid as overtime if required. Note that clock ins or outs can be excluded from these calculations if you use the Exclude From Overtime setting on the Edit Times screen. Overtime will not be doubled up though, even if daily overtime limits are exceeded on a day paid as overtime.
  • Employee name field on employee maintenance page now will display double byte characters (Cyrillic, Japanese etc).
  • Employee badge number cannot be entered as a note. This is to prevent double scans of mag cards or barcodes while using the keypad interface.
  • Fix to employee note screen that gave an unhandled error after a zero length note was entered.

Version 2.0.6 Released

A minor release today fixing up some bugs. These include:

  • Report section template fields are now added correctly for MySQL database users.
  • Fix to allow the employee name to be displayed as double byte characters (such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese) in the last action area.
  • A fix to an overflow error if a string longer than 9 characters was entered via the keypad interface.

You may also notice that I’ve split the Tools->Options->Payroll Settings page into separate Payroll Settings and Overtime Settings pages. This is to allow for some new payroll and overtime settings that will be added soon (such as being able to flag a week day as overtime and restricting employees to clocking in/out to their assigned shift times).

Version 2.0.2 Released

I’ve just released Version 2.0.2 which contains a number of fixes to problems introduced by the last release plus adds one major new feature. Changes made include:

  • A new security feature which allows you to use a camera attached to any Time Clock MTS computer to capture an image when users clock in or clock out. Administrators can then view the captured image associated with a clock in or out and verify that the correct person performed the action. This should allow you to stop buddy punching.
  • A fix to the Version 2 database updates for SQL Server and MySQL that didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix to the last action display text to allow non English characters to be displayed.

There were a number of other minor fixes, for more information take a look at the Release Notes page. In the next day or two I’ll write a longer post covering the new image capturing feature of Time Clock MTS, what it does, how it works, and how you might use it.

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