Version 2.2.1 Released

Just a minor release today that includes a few small fixes.

  1. If fingerprint verification was being used and the first enrolled fingerprint was used to clock in or out the message ‘not verified’ was displayed in error when scanned correctly. This is now fixed.
  2. Fixed up window sizing of the employee list screen when the maximize window button was clicked.
  3. Reports exported to TAB delimited files are now with a .txt extension rather than a .csv extension.
  4. Possible fix to rare occasion where enrolled fingerprints were not saved correctly.

Version 2.2.0 Released

A new version released today. One small fix to stop a constant slow down of the software over time and one major new feature. The major new feature is the integration of Time Clock MTS with a Fingerprint Scanner. This is the last word in employee security and along with the other security features in Time Clock MTS should help you to eliminate buddy punching and payroll fraud completely.

The software will only work with the Digital Persona U.are.U 4000 and 4500 fingerprint scanners. Currently I am not selling the hardware but Digital Persona recommended I use California PC as a supplier for the scanners. The price they offer is good and they should provide you with good after sales service. To get the software running with a Digital Persona scanner try taking a look at the using Time Clock MTS with a fingerprint scanner help topic.

As always please email me if you have any questions or problems.

Time Clock MTS goes Biometric!

Within the next few hours version 2.2 of Time Clock MTS will be released. The key feature in this new version is integration with Digital Persona fingerprint scanners that you can purchase from California PC. By using a fingerprint scanner with Time Clock MTS you’ll pretty much eliminate payroll fraud and buddy punching. I bet that most companies will recoup the cost of the software and scanners in just a few weeks, with the ROI over a year likely to be in the hundreds of percent.

If you want to read more about Time Clock MTS will work with a fingerprint scanner then there’s that page on the main site. Stay tuned, new release due out shortly!

Version 2.1.12 Released

A quick release today fixing up a couple of problems introduced in the new version yesterday and fixing up another problem with reports that I have been trying to track down for a while.

  • Fix to divide by zero error that occurred when running a report that included sick/vacation accrual data. Only occurred when an employee was assigned to a sick or vacation accrual scheme with a zero ‘accrues every time period’ setting.
  • Fixed up an error introduced to the calculation of working hours in the last version (did not effect payment amount)
  • Fixed up a problem with the ‘always pay salary’ setting that was added in the last version.

Version 2.1.11 Released

A new release of Time Clock MTS to make it fully compliant with California overtime rules and to try to fix up a few niggling problems that I’ve not been able to get to the bottom of until now.

  • A new setting on the Employee Maintenance->Payroll Information screen. Salaried employees have a new setting called ‘Always Pay Wages’. With this setting turned on the wages paid to employees is calculated based on the report period rather than the hours worked. So, if a salaried employee with this setting turned on has a payroll report run across a period of a week then they will get 1 weeks wages rather than a prorated amount dependent on how many hours they worked.
  • A new setting on the Employee Maintenance->Payroll Information screen called ‘waive automatic breaks’. When this setting is turned on the selected employee will not be allocated automatic breaks if they have been configured.
  • A new setting for each employee defining overtime rate 2.
  • A new global overtime setting for a second tier of daily overtime. When this is turned on daily overtime above the new limit is paid at overtime rate 2.
  • A new global overtime setting to turn on seventh day overtime. This includes a limit, under which seventh day overtime will be paid at overtime rate 1 and over which will be paid at overtime rate 2.
  • Three new fields added to the payroll summary report section template. These display hours worked, rate and earnings for the new overtime rate 2.
  • Time Clock MTS now refreshes the connection to it’s database every 20 minutes.
  • Fix to secret question answers on Tools->Options->System Settings page.
  • Fix to prompt on enter note screen.
  • Fixed vacation and sick time starting balances not copying correctly when the copy employee command was used.

I will have a more detailed post up shortly covering the details of the new overtime settings and how these apply to California overtime rules.

Version 2.1.10 Released

A minor bug fix release today. Two bugs fixed up plus some minor useability improvements. The bugs fixed were:

  • Sick time and vacation accruals now work correctly if the ‘accrues every’ setting is set to more than 1.
  • Sick time or vacation time taken on the last day of a report was not shown (but it was recorded correctly). This is now fixed up.
  • Various text fields on the options screens now select the entire contents when you select the text box.
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