Version 2.4.8 Released

I released a new version of Time Clock MTS today that contained a number of minor changes designed to either fix or enable me to fix some persistent small bugs that certain users have been reporting. Changes made are detailed below.

  • The search for an employee label would only update to a new setting after re-starting the software. This is now fixed.
  • Debugging code added to try to determine reason for invalid procedure call error that one person is getting.
  • Fixed length of password reminder question answers text fields.
  • Added lots of debugging code to payroll summary report to try to figure out why some people cannot see some reports.
  • Fixed up a couple of reports that were still showing deleted employees as delegates.
  • Changed the popup message when adding an employee with an existing employee id / badge number. You cannot add an employee whose badge number is the same as a deleted employee.
  • Added catches for lost database connections in various parts of the software.

Version 2.4.7 Released

I released a very minor update of Time Clock MTS today taking it along to version 2.4.7. There were two small fixes, one to a very minor rounding problem that could sometimes make durations in reports one second too short or too long. The other was an error a few people had seen when closing down the software.

A week ago I also released version 2.4.6 of Time Clock MTS that fixed up another error that occurred when closing down the software while logged in as the administrator. This was introduced in version 2.4.2 with the new employee list interface system that stopped the dreaded error 0 that I hadn’t been able to fix for a long while.

Version 2.4.5 Released

There was a very minor release of Time Clock MTS made yesterday (version 2.4.4) that fixed up an error that a very few people were seeing. Today I made another release that includes a new report, the ‘Job Punchcard Report’ which you can see above. This report is very similar to the Punchcard Report. It shows a list of all time punches for the employee over the report period plus the job worked on for each punch. A total for each job worked on during the report period is shown at the bottom of each employee section.

If you don’t know what job tracking is in Time Clock MTS you should take a look at our job tracking time clock page for more information.

Version 2.4.3 Released

Just a minor release today fixing up an error introduced with the last version plus two other problems that a very few users were seeing. The refresh employee list button wasn’t working correctly in the client version, employee bulletins were not being displayed correctly , and one user was getting a strange error message. All of these are now fixed up.

Version 2.4.2 Released

A new release today, I was tempted to move to version 2.5.0 because the changes under the bonnet of Time Clock MTS were pretty significant. However, I hope that you, the user, wont actually notice any changes other than Time Clock MTS being faster and more reliable. So, the software has just moved along to Version 2.4.2. The changes made to the software can seen below.

  • Added a link to the animated job tracking demo on the Tools->Options->Job Tracking screen.
  • Changed some of the text on the Tools->Options->System Options page to make it easier to understand.
  • Added a warning to the File->Reset Admin Password menu. Some people seem to think that this is the only way to reset the admin password. Actually it’s only there to be used when you FORGET the admin password. You can change the admin password at any time on the Tools->Options->System Options page.
  • Made some sweeping changes to the software to try to fix up the ‘error 0’ message that more and more people are seeing. The error was not reproducible and I suspect wasn’t fixable. So, we’ve completely replaced the list box control used on the employee list interface with a new (and hopefully more reliable) one. There were a bunch of code changes required to do this and to try to catch the error if it keeps happening.

The new list control is a good one and opens up some possibilities for a better user interface further down the track. Stay tuned for more.

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