Version 2.1.1 Released

A new release of Time Clock MTS today including some new features requested by one of our users. Features added to this new version include:

  • The employee list interface can now be completely customized to your local requirements via the Tools->Options->Interface Settings page. The customization will allow you to use non Latin character sets (such as Cyrillic, Korean, Japanese etc).
  • The last employee note is now displayed along with the last action action details for the selected employee.
  • If you happen to run the Time Clock MTS Client and Administrator program on the same computer you’ll find that the saved window positions are now separate for each program.
  • The main Time Clock MTS Window can now be re-sized when you’re using the employee list interface. This will allow you to fill your entire monitor with the Time Clock MTS application.

I’ll cover the customization of the employee list interface in more detail in a subsequent post.

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