What are Connections?

Connections are special database records that Time Clock MTS stores in its database to register when either the Time Clock MTS admin program or client program is connected to the database. They are used for licensing purposes and are continuously monitored. Connections are created when the Time Clock MTS client or admin program connects to the database, and in theory should be deleted when the programs are stopped. However, software being what it is, sometimes this does not happen. This could be due to a complete Windows crash for example. In this case the Time Clock MTS administrator must be able to delete idle connection records when required. The Manage Connections screen allows them to do this. As an ancilliary bonus it allows the administrators to monitor who is using up the Time Clock MTS connection licenses.

Managing Connections

The Manage Connections screen displays a list of all connections in the Time Clock MTS database. It can be found on the Tools -> Manage Connections menu. Each connection identifies the computer that established the connection by Windows Computer Name and Network Card MAC address. You can easily see when the connection was established and how long the connection has been idle for. No connection should be idle for more than a few minutes as the Time Clock MTS administrator or client programs refresh the connection every minute or so. The connection displayed in green is the connection for the current computer, connections displayed in red have been idle for a length of time and can probably be deleted safely.

Deleting a Connection

To delete a connection just select it from the connection list and then click the Disconnect button. You will not be allowed to delete the connection for your own computer.