Version 4.0.7 Released

Late yesterday I uploaded Version 4.0.7 of Time Clock MTS. Changes made in this version were:

  • When a job is deleted or disabled the code can no longer be used to book time against.
  • The default display color for employees has been set to white rather than the rather silly black that it was set to before.
  • A new setting has been added to the Payroll Settings screen. When checked the Accrue Only for Normal Time means that only normal time will be used for calculating sick or vacation time accruals. Time recorded as sick, vacation or other will not be used. Of course you must actually have vacation or sick time accruals setup for this setting to have any effect.
  • Fixed up the employee background color and do not pay overtime settings which were not saving correctly when a new employee was created.
  • Fixed up the display of various deleted or disabled items on various screens that were not displaying correctly when the backend database was set to MySQL or SQL Server.

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