Version 2.1.11 Released

A new release of Time Clock MTS to make it fully compliant with California overtime rules and to try to fix up a few niggling problems that I’ve not been able to get to the bottom of until now.

  • A new setting on the Employee Maintenance->Payroll Information screen. Salaried employees have a new setting called ‘Always Pay Wages’. With this setting turned on the wages paid to employees is calculated based on the report period rather than the hours worked. So, if a salaried employee with this setting turned on has a payroll report run across a period of a week then they will get 1 weeks wages rather than a prorated amount dependent on how many hours they worked.
  • A new setting on the Employee Maintenance->Payroll Information screen called ‘waive automatic breaks’. When this setting is turned on the selected employee will not be allocated automatic breaks if they have been configured.
  • A new setting for each employee defining overtime rate 2.
  • A new global overtime setting for a second tier of daily overtime. When this is turned on daily overtime above the new limit is paid at overtime rate 2.
  • A new global overtime setting to turn on seventh day overtime. This includes a limit, under which seventh day overtime will be paid at overtime rate 1 and over which will be paid at overtime rate 2.
  • Three new fields added to the payroll summary report section template. These display hours worked, rate and earnings for the new overtime rate 2.
  • Time Clock MTS now refreshes the connection to it’s database every 20 minutes.
  • Fix to secret question answers on Tools->Options->System Settings page.
  • Fix to prompt on enter note screen.
  • Fixed vacation and sick time starting balances not copying correctly when the copy employee command was used.

I will have a more detailed post up shortly covering the details of the new overtime settings and how these apply to California overtime rules.

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