Secure Your Timeclock System Before It’s Too Late with Time Audit Logging

Protect your business against employee fraud by using Time Clock MTS security features you may not have been aware of.

Time clock fraud by employees is a real problem. It might be happening right now within your business and you are yet to find out. Today we received an email from a company who has had to get the police involved because an employee had been systematically defrauding the company through manipulation of their time clock system. Don’t let this happen to you!

Time Clock MTS has many different security features some of which are turned on by default and some of which need to be turned on by you, the user. An important security feature of Time Clock MTS that you as the administrator can use is audit logging. This feature records the entire editing history of each clock in and clock out event tracking every change and which computer those changes were made from. If the company that has contacted us about their employee time clock fraud had audit logging turned on within their time clock software they could have provided the police with documentation to support any criminal case.

To turn the audit logging system on to monitor your employee activities go to the Tools->Options->Security Options screen and check the box for Enable Audit Logging.

This screen allows you to view the time audit log for a time punch.

Enable Audit Logging to View the Time Audit Log

Time Clock MTS includes other security features to help you prevent time clock fraud. Some of these include:

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