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I’m in the process of creating a new ‘how to’ guide for Time Clock MTS. This will be very different to the current Help File that is available online and that ships with the software. The current help file is what I’d called ‘screen based’. It describes each screen and what each element on the screen does, but it doesn’t really tell you directly how to do perform a given task in Time Clock MTS. The new ‘how to guide’ will be very task based, and any new user to the software should be able to use it to learn how to perform almost any task within the software. You’ll be able to see the how to guide here in the blog. I’ve created a master index on the site that categorizes each how to guide entry so that you can find what you need to do more easily. You can view the How to Guide Master Index here. I’ll try to add one article a week to this guide.

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