Set Up Weekly Overtime

When running a business with several employees, one of the things you might need to do is setup weekly overtime. Time Clock MTS allows you to do this without having to worry about calculation errors. Once you’ve entered the required information, the time and attendance tool will work out the rest and help you to get an accurate and reliable calculation of all your employees’ wages.

This Time Clock MTS How To Article is a step-by-step guide for setting up weekly overtime for your employees using Time Clock MTS.

  1. Start off by logging in as the administrator. This can be done by selecting File -> Log In As Administrator menu.
  2. Select Tools -> Options from the menu bar at the top of the window. Once a new window has opened, have a look down the left-hand menu and choose “Overtime Settings”
  3. Check the box titled “Pay Weekly Overtime”. You can then type in how many hours you want the employee(s) to work in the week before receiving overtime pay. For example, if you choose 40 hours, the employee(s) will be paid regular pay for the first 40 hours and then overtime pay for the hours worked after that.
  4. Choose the employee for whom you want to set the weekly overtime pay. Select Employee Maintenance -> Edit Selected Employee.
  5. Once the new window opens, select “Payroll Information” from the left-hand side and look for a box on the right-hand side labeled OT 1 Rate / hr. Type in the amount that you want the employee to receive for each hour worked overtime.

It’s very easy to manage your employees and their payroll information using Time Clock MTS. An efficient time clock tool will come in handy for a lot of things and will help you to easily pay your employees with the assurance of having accurate calculations.

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