Moving the Time Clock MTS Database to your Network Server

This Time Clock MTS How To Guide explains the process of moving your employee attendance database to a different location. This is useful if you do not want to store your valuable time clock data on your local computer but rather on your network server where the file is backed up and more secure.

1. Close All Time Clock MTS Clients

The first step is to close all Time Clock MTS client programs. If a client is still connected to the Time Clock MTS database you are trying to move then it will not be able to be moved.

Figure 1 - The System Options Screen

Figure 1 – The System Options Screen

2. Navigate to the System Options Screen

The next step is to log into Time Clock MTS administrator program as the administrator and go to the Tools->Options->System Options screen. On this screen we can see that the database location is on the local c:\ drive. To move this file click the Move button.

3. Select the New Database Location

Figure 2 - Confirm Database Move

Figure 2 – Confirm Database Move

Confirm the move action by clicking Yes on the screen above.

Figure 3 - Select a Location

Figure 3 – Select a Location

We’ll then be shown a folder browser window similar to the one above. In our example we’ve prepared a network drive that we’re going to move the Time Clock MTS to. It can be seen at the lower left of the above screenshot and is called “Time Clock MTS” and has been mapped to the X:\ drive. We should note that Time Clock MTS must have full/read write permissions on the folder that you’re going to store the Time Clock MTS database in.

We’re going to click on the new database folder now.

4. Save the New Location

Figure 4 - Location Selected

Figure 4 – Location Selected

Once the new location is chosen the folder browser window looks like the screenshot shown above. We’re going to confirm the move by clicking the Save button.

Figure 5 - Database Move Successful

Figure 5 – Database Move Successful

The folder browser window will now close and Time Clock MTS will display a message similar to the one above informing us that the database has been moved. This message can be acknowledged by clicking the OK button.

Figure 6 - New Database Path

Figure 6 – New Database Path

We’ve now been returned to the System Options screen. We can see that the Database Location has been changed to our selected location.

Moving the Time Clock MTS database is now complete. Note that the next time you run any Time Clock MTS clients you’ll be asked to connect to a database and you’ll need to navigate to this new location on the client computers.

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