A User of our Free Timeclock Software Speaks

A user of our free timeclock software sent through a nice email this morning explaining how she is using our software.

The freeware version of Time Clock MTS really is free if you’re using it on one computer and have less than four employees. Unlike many other “free” programs we don’t want to know your email, we don’t need a credit card number, and you don’t even need to tell us you’re using it. Just download it and install it and start tracking your employee timeclock data. Even better we’ll give you technical support just as if you were a paying customer. What’s not to like about that?!

Farm Time Clock Software

Randall Holt, vice president of Robert Holt Farms has been communicating with me from time to time over the last few years. His company has been making use of Time Clock MTS in this time to track their employee time card information. I wasn’t really aware of how they were using the software until Randall mentioned something about using it over a wide area (20+ miles) on a wireless network. I asked for a few more details and here’s what Randall had to say:

It’s always great to hear about how Time Clock MTS is being used out in the “wild”! If you’ve got a story to tell please contact us so we can put your company’s story here on the blog.

Time Clock MTS Customer Testimonial

We’ve just got a great testimonial email from a user of our employee in/out software. Some of it has been edited by use for obvious reasons.

Thanks to Bob Tupper for these kind words!

More Time Clock MTS Testimonials

It’s always great to hear the nice things our users have to say about Time Clock MTS. We try to put the emails we receive up on our Time Clock Testimonials page as we receive them. A couple of longer ones have gone up in the last few weeks and I thought it might be worthwhile re-producing them here.

The first is by a Kent Kelly, a senior operations supervisor at Simplot who had selected Time Clock MTS to use in their facility.

This second one is by Jimmy Reynolds, the service manager at Mike’s Auto Center. This one is interesting because he’s detailed how they setup the software and how they are using it in their business.

We always welcome what anyone has got to say about Time Clock MTS, whether it be good or bad. So if you’ve got an opinion, a question, or even a suggestion please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

New Time Clock User Reviews Posted

You may or may not know that we’ve got a time clock user reviews page that we use to put up nice emails or comments about the software we get from happy Time Clock MTS users. We put these emails up exactly as we receive them. We got a couple of good ones this week including one (completely spontaneous) email from the operations supervisor of a very large agricultural resources company. We’ve been working with this gentleman quite closely for several months ironing out usage problems he had with the software as well as adding some reports that he wanted to see. Clearly he’s happy with the result.

Time Clock MTS Review in Portuguese!

I don’t read or speak Portuguese but Google translated this review of Time Clock MTS in Portuguese for me pretty well. The author seems to have some nice things to say about the software and certainly went to some effort with the review, taking the reader from software installation right through to the point of running reports. One thing the author didn’t pick up on is that you can translate all the labels on the front screen of Time Clock MTS into any language you like, so he could have made it look a little more Portuguese with just a few seconds effort! You can do this on the Interface Settings Screen. Read more about what other time clock users have done in Ukranian time clock, or any other language even those using Japanese or Chinese characters.

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