New Time Clock Software Testimonials Posted

Sometimes we get emails from users of Time Clock MTS telling me they are happy with the software and I like to post these emails up on the site for everyone to see. I’ve just posted up a few new comments over on the Time Clock Testimonials page, I especially like the one about reducing payroll once the user started using a finger scanner. A true indication that the right time clock system will actually SAVE you money rather than cost you money.

As always we welcome any comments you might have on Time Clock MTS and invite you to contact us with your thoughts.

New Time Clock Article and Testimonials Posted

I found an interesting news article on the weekend entitled “The Paper Time Card Checks Out” about a recruitment company that had halved the size of their payroll department through the use of their homegrown computerized time clock system. While I am no great advocate of home grown time clock systems it’s great to see some real cost savings realized by a good system. I’ve written a few times about what sort of time and money could be saved with a good time clock system but it thought it would be worthwhile doing so again. So I give you Saving Time and Money with Time Clock MTS.

Moving onto the Time Clock MTS User Reviews page you’ll notice that it’s had a bit of a facelift. I’ve also been posting up new reviews from happy Time Clock MTS users at the rate of one or two a week. Recent additions include those from Mayor’s Mansion Inn (a bed and breakfast in Tennessee), Sacramento Koi (a fish pond equipment manufacturer), and Willowbrook Dental Associates (a long time dental user from Pennsylvania). If you’re a Time Clock MTS user and you’ve got something to say about the software then please let us know! We’ll post it up on the testimonials page and give you a mention on our Facebook page.

Time Clock User Reviews Given a Facelift

Because of the volume of feedback about Time Clock MTS we’ve been receiving recently I thought it was worthwhile giving our time clock user reviews pages a facelift. So I’ve spent the last few days reaching out to those people who have been kind enough to provide feedback in the past getting their company logos. I’ve relaid out the page and given things a general spruce up. You’ll also notice that the sidebar of the website now includes a box containing two items of time clock user feedback along with their company logo.

Don’t forget if you’ve got something to say about Time Clock MTS (good or bad) then please contact us and let us know what you think

Time Clock Software Reviews

I’ve never actually paid to have Time Clock MTS reviewed but over the years several websites have done so anyway. I don’t actually put that much stock in time clock software reviews because I believe you should “live” with the software for at least one payroll cycle to see how it will work day-to-day in your business. That being said, a review can be useful as a starting point when you’re just starting out looking for a time clock system for your business. Here’s some reviews of Time Clock MTS that I am aware of.

Don’t forget that many of our users have provided time clock user reviews over on our User Reviews pages. In addition, we’ve had some more comprehensive user reviews over the years too, including from a lawyer, a Church, and a consultant.

Finally, I’m also aware of non-English reviews of Time Clock MTS. Here’s a Portuguese Time Clock Review and a Video Review in Spanish. I don’t pretend to speak either of those languages so I hope they are positive. In any event. as Oscar Wilde said, The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Lawyer Time Clock Software Review

Michael Satterwhite of Cohen & Associates P.C. sent me an email recently explaining how their office uses our time card software and his personal history with the product. Here’s what he had to say:

Time Clock User Review – First Church in Cambridge

The First Church in Cambridge has been using Time Clock MTS since 2010. Karen McArthur, a minister at the Church was kind enough to do a user time clock review of Time Clock MTS and let me know what sort of benefits they’ve seen from using it.

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