Version 2.4.8 Released

I released a new version of Time Clock MTS today that contained a number of minor changes designed to either fix or enable me to fix some persistent small bugs that certain users have been reporting. Changes made are detailed below.

  • The search for an employee label would only update to a new setting after re-starting the software. This is now fixed.
  • Debugging code added to try to determine reason for invalid procedure call error that one person is getting.
  • Fixed length of password reminder question answers text fields.
  • Added lots of debugging code to payroll summary report to try to figure out why some people cannot see some reports.
  • Fixed up a couple of reports that were still showing deleted employees as delegates.
  • Changed the popup message when adding an employee with an existing employee id / badge number. You cannot add an employee whose badge number is the same as a deleted employee.
  • Added catches for lost database connections in various parts of the software.

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