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Over the years our time clock software has been reviewed many times, and we’re constantly receiving testimonials from happy users. We’ve made those reviews and testimonials available for you here.

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Probably the best software I have bought since I dont know when !!! Great product for my businesses.

Pros: It’s ease of use and what it saves me in time every month is amazing , nothing comparable !! I could not imagine not having it !!

Comments (Benefits)
Peace of mind and my business is more efficient

Graham AustinOwnerAustin'sHuejutla, Mexico

Excellent low cost software that improved the accuracy of the hourly payroll records.
Pros: Very affordable, downloads easily into excel, sorts by departments and installed on multiple computers.
Cons: It would be helpful to have two users with administrator level rights. No other issues with the software.
More efficient and accurate payroll processing.

Nedra BellowsChief Financial OfficerFarnsworth Art MuseumRockland, Maine, USA

Super easy and affordable time clock solution for our small business!

Pros: Very easy to set up and use. Prior to using this software, I was figuring hours manually. We have an office with 5 employees and it has been such a time saver! We have used it for approximately 4 years now. Easy to add new employees and edit times if someone forgets to clock in or out.

Cons: I haven’t had any issues with the software, it is just what we needed. I would definitely recommend it to any small business look for a time clock solution.

It has saved me a huge amount of time! Easy and affordable!

Susan MathewsManagerCornerstone Appliance ServiceHigh Springs, Florida USA

We have used Time Clock MTS for years and could not be happier!

Pros: Always accurate and easy to modify employee time changes. Our employees are able to reliably check in and out with the small window access and not have issue with usability. As the administrator, I have been able to suspend employees, modify and also add information as an ongoing process rather than a one-time setup process. The reports are much improved as well.

Cons: I’m still looking for a problem. We have been using this product for over 4 years and never have we needed tech support other than how to upgrade on a new computer.

Other Comments

Reliable time clock management which works well with payroll on QuickBooks. Our reports are added to the paychecks for our employees to have a good accounting of their hours for that particular pay period.

Frank NicoteraFounderDTSystems Tampa, Florida, USA

Once we were able to have the program up and running it was pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Pros: Easy to navigate through the program and customize for our use. Once TimeClock was set up it was easy to modify without needing to refer to instructions constantly. We needed something immediately, and TimeClock worked great.

Cons: Setting up the vacation and sick accrual section to coincide with our current setup isn’t as easy because it isn’t compatible. It also could be lack of information on my part.

Kay WinfordExecutive DirectorLyons Housing AuthorityLyons, Georgia, USA

This is an easy system to use & very adequate for our needs

Pros: We used this software for almost five years. We found that it’s easy to install, easy to learn & easy to use.
Cons: If I have to say what is the least favorite part of the software, it will be the limited ways of calculating time.

KK LinSecretaryKing Wai Trading Co.Union City, California

For use in small Healthcare/Medical office approximately 8 employees

Pros: Easy to use. Staff can punch in and out easily. There are multiple reports that can be run. It is easy to edit if someone forgets to punch in and/or out.
Cons: None
Payroll reports are easy to run and it is easy for multiple staff to punch in and out throughout the day.

Paul MarstonOwnerKinnelon Medical and WellnessKinnelon, New Jersey

Terrific, easy to use software solution.

Pros: The software is very simple to implement and maintain and it’s very user friendly for our employees and supervisors.
Cons :
It’s a real time saver in tabulating weekly timesheets. The report functionality is really good as well.

Brenda BreezeelLibrary Systems AdministratorHarding UniversityArkansas, USA

What was the best part about using Time Clock MTS?

I love the simplicity of this time clock management software. IOT’s easy for employees to access and use. But what I really love about it is that it is so easy for me to edit employee information….time, payroll, etc. It’s detailed but also easy to use. In fact, I will be changing my plan to multiple stations.

What would you change about your experience with Time Clock MTS?

I wished the “basic” plan covered at least two stations/ computers. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the current version.

Overall Feedback

Will continue to use at my practice. I look forward to future updates to make it even better. Thank you!

Tony VuOwnerTony Vu OptometryFountain Valley, CA

What was the best part about using Time Clock MTS?

Easy to use and keep track of workers hours without needing old style time cards

What would you change about your experience with Time Clock MTS?

Experience has been good. We don’t have any changes to recommend.

Overall Feedback

Great customer support. Very responsive to me when I’ve lost a password or needed user guidance.

Judge Steven Cohen OwnerCohen & AssociatesSanta Monica, California
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We have used Time Clock MTS for years and could not be happier! Pros: Always accurate and easy to… Read more
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