Time Clock MTS on the Network

You’re probably aware you can use Time Cock MTS as a Network Time Clock but I had a bunch of good questions from a new user of the software today and I thought it might be worth repeating his questions and my answers here.

Question: I’m confused on the setup of the software. If I want Time Clock to be installed on a network, which versions of the software gets installed on the various comptuers. i.e. Lets say that I want the main database to be installed on my server, my employees will punch in/our on computer B and I want to administer the program on computer C, what do I install where?

Answer: Install the administrator software on Computer C. Use that to move your Time Clock MTS database to your server. Then install the Time Clock MTS Client software on computer B.

Question: Also, if there are 2 owners of the business, can both people run a version of the software but use the same login? Which version of the software needs to be installed? If these 2 people need to punch in/out also, is there another version that needs to be installed?

Answer: There’s only one administrator login. The Time Clock MTS administrator program can also be used to clock in and out.

Question: Am I correct to say that the Administrator version is the version that contains the actual database where all the data is being collected?

Answer: No, it doesn’t contain the data but it does install the database when you install it. It can be used to move the database to somewhere on your network so the data can be shared.

Question: If I wanted to run daily backups of the database data, which files would I need to backup?

Answer: You only need to backup the timeclock.mdb file which is what you move onto your server using the Time Clock MTS administrator program.

Question: You install the administrator, then move the database to the location on the server where all users can access it, then set up the client software on the other pc’s that will clock in/out with the software. Is that the right sequence? I was always looking for 1 piece of info to start with – I was thinking that you started with a database which you installed on your server, then another piece of software that the administrator used and another for the staff to use. But it’s only 2 bits of software, not 3. Is that right?

Answer: Yes, you’re right it’s two bits of software. Install the admin software on the computer you want to manage the software on and then use that to move the database to your server. Then install the clients on the computers you want those on and connect those to the file on your server. Here’s some detailed instructions covering how to install the multi computer version of Time Clock MTS.


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