More Time Clock MTS Network Questions

Some more questions and answers about Time Clock MTS on a Network and some other features of the software. These questions were asked by the same user who I answered in a recent blog post.

Question: The options set on my computer when I log in as the administrator, are those options pushed to all employees client versions of the software or do I have to go and configure all the settings on all employees computers when I install the software on their computers?

Answer : The client computers will pick up most of the settings from the admin computer. Some settings, such as the web cam and fingerprint settings can be configured at the client computer.

Question: I do not have a webcam on my computer when changing the options as Administrator so I get a msg stating that this can not be enabled. If my employees have a webcam installed, do I have to change this option on their computers and if so how is this done?

Answer : The camera option can be turned on client by client from the client computers. Log into the client as the administrator and go to the Tools->Options->Camera Settings screen and you can set things up there.

Question: When setting up the holidays, I see that there is a check box for a “recurring holiday”. If this is checked will the employees automatically receive credit for this day based on the hours entered? If this is the case then I have 2 questions. What if I have a new employee that may not be entitled to the holiday yet, how do I prevent this person from getting paid for the holiday? Second question, what is the recurring holiday lands on a non working day, i.e. falls on a Saturday and we don’t work Saturdays, how does this work?

Answer : Yes, employees will get credit for that holiday. Yes, if it happens on a non working day they’ll get credit for it. There’s no way of restricting a single employee from getting a particular holiday. An employee either gets public holidays or they don’t.

Question: I can not alter any of the fields in the “Sick Leave Accrual” section under Options. How do I turn this on?

Answer : You need to create employee types before you can create accruals. Take a look at these articles:

Question: I have the same issue as point # 4 above. How do I turn this on?

Answer : See Above.

Question: If I have an employee clocking in because they arrived early. Is it possible to prevent them from getting paid extra time? So if they are supposed to start work at 8:00 but punch in at 7:40, I don’t want them to get paid for the extra 20 min.

Answer : See here to stop employees clocking in too early:

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