Weekly Timecard Excel Template

Our free Weekly Excel timecard template is very similar to our free bi weekly timesheet template but allows recording of employee timesheet attendance data across a period of just one week. The weekly timecard Excel template will allow you to set the first day of the work week and then record one timecard entry per work day. Each time card entry can be broken into regular, break, and overtime hours and these will then be totalled for the work week. This weekly timesheet can be used in a number of spreadsheet programs (primarly Microsoft Excel) but if you need to print out an employee time card in some other program please take a look at some of our other timesheet templates.

While an Excel time card template is an improvement over paper timecards it’s certainly never going to be as easy to use, as comprehensive, or save you as much money as our easy to use time card software, Time Clock MTS. Anyone can try out Time Clock MTS for a period of 30 days without charge or restriction on use of the software. You’ll be able to record and report on employee time cards for 30 days as well as make use of other powerful tracking features such as tracking time spent on jobs, tracking employee time off and time off requests, and tracking employee tips and gratuities. Once the trial period is up you can either purchase the software or if you’re tracking 3 or fewer employees then you’ll find that you can keep using our timecard software for free.

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Time Clock MTS

Free Weekly Timecard Template

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