A Tax Lawyer Reviews Time Clock MTS

We’ve got all types of businesses that use Time Clock MTS including lots and lots of lawyers. However, The Core Consulting Group are the first tax lawyers I can recall that use the software. They’ve been using our software since 2009 and just today sent through a great review and testimonial that I thought was worth publishing here.

Thanks Charles, your kind words are much appreciated. I particularly like his comment on how much time they are saving every week using the system. Nearly two hours per week, which if we conservatively cost your office manager’s time at $25/hour means they are saving $50 per week or $2600 per year. That’s nearly 33 times what they originally paid for Time Clock MTS in savings PER YEAR. Certainly an impressive return on a very small investment of less than $100. And the numbers agree fairly closely with an article we wrote last year looking at how much time a time clock system could save your business.

So if you’re reading this article and you’re not using Time Clock MTS to track your employee attendance, then you have to ask yourself….why not? There’s a free 30 day trial available so what do you have to lose?

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