What is Administrator Mode?

The Employee Time Clock Screen

Time Clock MTS in Administrator Mode

Time Clock MTS operates in two main modes. Normal mode, which is used by employees to clock in and out, and Administrator mode, which is used by the administrator to configure the software and run payroll reports. This Time Clock MTS How To Article covers administrator mode.

You can get into the Time Clock MTS Administrator by logging in as the administrator via the File->Log In As Administrator menu (covered in this article). Once you’re logged in as the administrator you’ll have access to all the menus in Time Clock MTS. In the image above you can see that all menus are enabled. Note that in the Time Clock MTS Client, most of these menus are not available. While you’re operating Time Clock MTS in the Administrator mode you can perform all of the reporting and maintenance functions of the software, a short list of the sorts of things you can do follows. Please note that this is by no means a full listing of all the things you can do within Time Clock MTS!


  • Create, edit, disable and delete employees using the Employee Maintenance page.
  • Setup fingerprint security for employees using the Employee Maintenance page.
  • Run payroll reports using the Report menu.
  • Search, backup, and restore the Time Clock MTS database using the Tools menu.
  • Setup employee bulletin notices using the Tools menu.
  • Configure the software using the Tools->Options menu.
  • Access help resources and register the software using the Help menu.

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